Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have not been able to do anything the last few days but deal with our great flood. The smell is killing me and the builder is telling me not to worry but he doesnt have to be here and smell this crap all day! Im getting cranky!!!!!!!!! Tonight I am going to try to dig out my box of cards that got stuck under all of the other stuff stored in this room. I am so sorry to all the ladies in the card exchange! I finally had them finished and wanted to mail them and then the flood came!!!!! I hope like heck that they are in decent shape still if not I am going to FREAK OUT! My hubby said no worries that everyone would understand but that is NOT the point!!!!! I want this mess fixed NOW!!!!!!!!! I cant craft because I cant get to anything!!!!!!!! I made a committment to you guys and now I may not be able to get to my things!!!!!!! Here is a picture of some of the damage so you guys can see... This room is where everything gets stored. Including my things from my apartment before I moved in with my now husband, my daughters things, my moms things and a friend of mine who left things in the apartment we shared and I just kept stored here. Ok off to pain management and maybe some retail therapy before I go crazy! Oh and so you guys know I am NOT a total slob most of the things you see just piled up like crazy were all packed in boxes. HOWEVER, the boxes got wet so things got dumped out so hopefully everything will dry out ok. Sad part is MY CRAFT STUFF IS UNDER THIS BIG PILE!!!!!!!!!! Ok deep breathing deep breathing!!!!!



Monday, August 30, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cricut Card Exchange1

If anyone is interested in joing a cricut card club I know we have some openings for everymonth and everymonth :)

Please check it out. THe group is just starting to be kind :) Join us please!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sweet Pagoda Challange and Giveaway

Over at Flowerdisco's scrap hut Agnes is having a challange to use the pagoda cartridge.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

ETA on Sunday, August 8
If you do not own Pagoda you can still participate with any image that will resemble any Asian theme. If you still can find any, not let that stop you. As the last resort you can use any fish, dragon, temple building. Be creative and make it Pagoda. Remember to have fun!



I love the Yin Yang and its meaning.

What is Yin Yang?
This symbol (Yin-Yang) represents the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work. The outer circle represents "everything", while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called "yin" (black) and "yang" (white), which cause everything to happen. They are not completely black or white, just as things in life are not completely black or white, and they cannot exist without each other.
Click Here
to know more about the meaning and theory.

Yin Yang Card
at 5 inches
(The inside sentiment is a rub-on).

Among so many challenges in our crafting community I would like you join me and try the challenge where you choose an image and make a project with it, pretty simple. Of course, some of them have/had sponsors;
I do not.
But... I do have a friend who makes stamps and she is willing to donate a customized stamp you can use for the back of your cards/projects.

Her name is Eileen and she owns a store on Ebay and goes under the name of qiqi7759. I have ordered my customized stamps from her and received nothing but excellent stamps and an excellent service. Not too mention a friendship too. That is a bonus you do not always get. :)

Eileen's Store (qiqi7759)
(you can click on the above link to visit her store)


If you are interested in participating in this challenge please, read the details carefully.

I want to use the PAGODA cartridge for this challenge in honor of my friend Eileen, and you can use any of these five images.

1- the dragon from page 34
2- the fish from page 41 OR 3- the fish from page 42
4- the temple from page 60 OR 5- the shrine from page 61.
You can add any other images to the ones above if you are using Pagoda. Those images can be from Pagoda or anything else you would like to. If you do not own Pagoda please read the ETA below. Thanks so much!

ETA on Sunday, August 8
If you do not own Pagoda you can still participate with any image that will resemble any Asian theme. If you still can find any, not let that stop you. As the last resort you can use any fish, dragon, temple building. Be creative and make it Pagoda. Remember to have fun!

I won't be using to choose the winner because I really want to choose it myself and for this very reason,
I will limit the entries to a max of 50.

---It is a requirement to be a follower of my blog because this way you will be automatically updated of what is going on with the challenge since this one is a bit different than most.

---Your project must be new for this challenge. It has to come from your heart and what this means to me is that it will be your original project, not something you saw somewhere else.

---However, you can get inspired from something you saw before but PLEASE....make it entirely your own.

---You must have a blog and must post about this challenge for the duration of it with a link to my blog.

---And lastly I would like to send the winning project to Eileen as a way to say Thank You for her kindness. I will pay for postage.

I will be using INLINKS for the first time. If you have any problems linking let me know in the comments area and your blog address for me to contact you.

If you would like to participate, please, read everything again and make sure we understand each other.
The deadline for submitting will be August 31st.

For my entry I was wanting to try something. I know its not as perfect as it could be but I am pretty happy with it :)

I used the cut on page 60 of the Temple I also used page46 of the branch. The big bright sun or moon depending on the time of day it is I cut by hand.

This is where the tricky part jumps in.. I found some fabric pain that is much like stickles :) I got some to try just to see how they would work. I still like my stickles especially when working with lots of little details but for this project I found a bottle that was glow in the dark!!! Yes GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???! So once I cut the sun/moon out I took a paint brush and put two layers of the glow in the dark fabric paint. I must admit its not as smooth as I wish it would be but when you look at the moon its not all that smooth either so I feel better about it :)

The glow is not as bright as I would have liked but it does glow!! I went in my pantry and shut off the lights to check it out!!!!!!! LOL!

The only problem is that it doesnt translate that well on film :( Im sorry I tried everything I could think of to get a good picture so you could all check it out but I am going to put the ones I could get. If anyone has any other ideas about how to take this picture I would love to know so please share!!

Hugs to you all :)

May all your dreams come true!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Dont you hate going to the doctor for one thing and finding out its ok only to be told one or in my case two other things are wrong? I went to see the oncologist as planned and she has decided to take the wait and see approach to my high white count. So every six months I need to go do labs. I can handle that! So, I left her office pretty happy! The rest of the blood work came back on Friday and she was on the phone with me saying him liver enzymes are high. Ok I dont drink or smoke or do drugs so this just blew me away. Now I have to wait on my primary to decide what to do about it. If that wasnt enough the results came back on my thyroid and the goiters have grown. The biggest of them all on my left size was 1.1 last time about a year ago and now its at 1.9 so now I have to go see the endocronolgist to see what they want to do about it. I had a biopsy about two years ago and it all came back negative for which I was so very excited about. I will tell you all now that I am a big baby and just cried my eyes out. This wonderful nurse was so sweet and stayed just to hold my hand :) I just cant even imagine doing that again! IT HURTs! Anyway, so I have not done much crafting this week but I will catch up soon!

Hugs to you all and thank you for all the thoughts and prayers!

Love to all :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cars Cartridge on sale for 12 bucks!

I went to my local Walmart and they had the Cars cartridge for 12 bucks! WOW! What a steal! I had not planned on getting it but at that price I just had to have it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hi everyone!!!

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and thank you all for following me! I am trying to learn my way around here so thank you all for being so understanding :) I have been so busy I have not had much time to post. I have had doctor appointments almost two a week! If they dont figure out what is going on with my high with blood count I am going to hide! My veins cant take much more! Wednesday is an appointment with an oncologist so hopefully they will figure it out :) Im trying not to worry because I know God has a plan and whatever it is He will help me through it!
Once again thank you all for being so wonderful and following me I am just so excited that I now have 37 followers!! Ok one of them is myself LOL hmm does that count??

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and I will try to get something posted by Monday. I know I want to do the challange over at Flowerdisco scrap hut. Its a cut from pagoda! I have it and have not used it so this is a perfect excuse right???

WOOHOOO Scrap on everyone!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Does anyone use the MTC software? Do you like it? I am considering it after watching some videos where people have used it for projects. It looks like it would be so useful.

Birthday Flowers

A friend of mine has a daughter that is turning 16!! What a wonderful age :) So I made her these flowers in her favorite color. She is even having a sweet 16 with these colors.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blog Candy

Oh check this out!! WOW! I would LOVE to win this candy LOTS OF STAMPS :)

Candy Version 1

Bitten By the Bug 2

This week over at Bitten by the Bug 2 they are doing a challange from the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge :) I have this cartridge and have used it a few times but its been awhile so it was nice looking back at it to see all the cute cards that are on it!

Stretch Your Imagination... Ice Cream Cone Cut Challenge
Summertime is all about fun and family, getting all of your friends together and eating lots of ice-cream in every flavor. I have the honor of hosting the bloghop this week. I heart everything about this season from roasting s'mores, swimming, bicycle rides, picnics, and of course ice-cream cones. This week I chose the ice-cream cone off of SYI. This cart is full of whimsical images which I love. The team has created some really yummy projects. I think you are going to enjoy each and every one of them. We would love for you to join us in making your own creations as we all look forward to seeing what you make, so gather your supplies, pour some lemonade, and get ready to create. Happy Creating...Your Host this week.....Krista Norman
This is blog hop week. So, get yourself a drink (coffee, tea, milkshake), sit back and visit each of the blogs listed after the projects for a chance to win goodies.

That is from their page :) Its a BLOG HOP!! WOOHOOO GO check it out everyone!! That is what I am doing next :)

My card is cut at 5 x 7

The ice cream is cut at 3 1/2

I used some bling to make it all frosty looking :)

I used Stampendous crystal glitter on the ice cream. I LOVE this glitter it is so so sparkly! LOL!

This card I made for a friend who is broken hearted and I hope this will cheer her up! I am going to also post a picture of the sentiment on the inside. I got a stamp from Hobby Lobby and its the recipe for a happy heart! I just love it!

Thank you for looking and thank you to everyone who is a follower! I love you all!! God Bless!