Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finale -Playing with Serenade with Flowerdisco and Friends!

I cant believe this is our last post!! WoW! We did it! I hope you all enjoyed all of the wonderful cards that everyone made as much as I did! I feel honored to be sharing this with all of you! THANK YOU! I have learned so much and made some new friends along the way! Just click on the names above the cards to visit the pages of these talented ladies...


Agnes AKA Flowerdisco



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fantabulous Cricut is having a great Halloween challange this week!

If you click on the picture it will take you to the challange :) Or at least I think it will haha!

What a busy month this has been! Its just FLYING by :) I am half way done with my prison groups and that is both good and bad. When its over I have to say goodbye to them forever. Its hard after sharing some of the most emotional times of our lives with each other. God is all over that let me tell ya! Tonight one of our guys told his story and it was just heart breaking! Im not making any excuses for what he did but I dont know how he manage to survive. Anyway, he broke down and so did I.

I just dont understand why people are so bad to others. It just makes me so sad to think that this is what the world is about now. Each man for himself. Anyone gets in the way you push them out of the way.

Ok off subject LOL Sorry I just needed to vent and dont ask me why I did it here :)

Ok so the challange this week is something for Halloween!! I am in a card exchange group and every month we exchange cards and I made a halloween card. I used the tree from Happy Hauntings cut at 3 inches. I used a punch by martha stewart for the dripping blood (evil laugh). Added a few little places with bling and there you have it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

3X3 Trading cards!

If anyone would like to trade just let me know :) I will send mine if you will send me yours? I didnt realize how fun it is to trade them :) So just let me know if you want to do it!

I went to that Swarm in Houston and we all traded cards and here are pics of all the WONDERFUL new friends I made :)

Its that time again! Just wait for Wednesday! We are going to Rock your Socks off!

Hi everyone.. Boy have I much to share :) This has been such a crazy busy week!! First, I want to say that this is the last week for the playing with Serenade Group :( That makes me sad! I have had so much fun with it. Not sure what I will do next but I can say that I have learned so much from these talented ladies :) It has been my pleasure to call them friends! Thank you ladies !

Some of you might know that I stopped working in Feb. because my quality of life was not very good. I was working and that was all I had the energy for. I was not able to do all the things I love to do when I worked. I in no means am letting the things that are wrong with me stop me from doing everything I want. I now have the energy to do it since work is not an issue. This last week was Customer Service week. I was the supervisor of a call center and I LOVED CS week!!! So this week everyday I have baked goodies and made cards and such for the guys and gals that I love like family. One of the ladies asked me what I was doing and said I didnt have to do that since I didnt work for them anymore. My reply was just because I stopped working didnt mean I stop loving them all! haha I make a terrible boss. I have no boundaries LOL! Anyway, so I baked cupcakes, cookies, candy :) So that kept me pretty busy.

My daughter was also here for a few days and it was so nice to spend time with her. She makes me tried but its so worth it!!
I also had a banquet for Bridge to Life to attend. They do this once a year so we can get money for the books and such for the men and women in prison. It is nice to spend time with other volunteers and also meet people in our community that are interested in the program. We need the help. I sat at a table with such a wonderful group :) I told my story at the table and I really hope that I moved them! I know that some of them looked pretty shocked when I told them about going to meet the man that murdered my brother and being able to forgive him. WHOAA!

THEN, haha if that did not keep me busy enough I went to Houston on Saturday for a cricut swarm. We met with Michael (cant remeber his last name) the president of the cricut circle :) No I cant tell you what all we talked about but he was wonderful with us! He was so kind and helpful answering all the questions he could :) They also gave away an imagine!!!!!!!!!!! I want one sooooooooo bad!!!!!! I did win a cricut brown and pink apron! I love it :) We have fun meeting everyone! I will post pictures of the calling cards I collected from that day and post them ASAP.

So now its time for me to try to get caught up around the house and get rested for this week!

Hugs to you all!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The AMAZING Flowerdisco and her Fabulous Awesome Outrageous Beautiful Totally Crazy Friends!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! What a wonderful time to be alive :) I feel so rushed crazy running around like a chicken with his head cut off but I feel ALIVE! Isnt that the important part?

Tonight I told my story for about 80-85 men and about 20 volunteers. I was as ready as I would ever be! I am I stood tall (err ok not very tall Im only 5ft LOL but I tried to appear taller) and I just started talking. Before I knew it was over! ! You would think that the more I tell my story the easier it would get but no such luck yet. I do pray that my story will change just one life just one! It would be so totally worth it!

Ok so this is going to be one super crazy busy week for me. First this and then tomorrow I have a banquet for Bridges to Life. End of year fundrasing type thing. After that I have some goodies to drop off with all my friends who work for Lone Star Overnight. They work HARD and its CS week so I am taking them some goodies every day this week! Tomorrow is cookies and other stuff!

Ok now on to the reason for this season...

The ladies did a fab job on these cards this week. Thank you !!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Week Six

WOW WOW! Its week 6 already! OH MAN! Its flying by!

Get ready for some really great projects again! These ladies have some serious talent!

Today I was thinking about color. I was reminded when I first started making cards reading a blog or a message board and these ladies were having a blast making fun of people for not matching colors together. I remember being so worried about if something matched with this or that. You know what I just now learned from that? That who cares if it matches! Its MINE I can make it any color I want :) Isnt that the joy of making our own cards and not the store bought ones? We want to be different dont we? So I tell ya ladies go get the plaids and dots and mix it up! WOOHOOO! Throw caution to the wind and just make what you want!!!!!!!!! Its YOURS! Who cares if anyone else likes it.. make it about YOU!

Huggies to you all!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week 5 Playing with Serenade with Flowerdisco and Friends!

Once again its that time! The ladies did a GREAT job with this weeks selections! I am so jealous :) In a good way! Being part of this group is VERY special. I am learning so many new things and getting new ideas! I am soooooooooo excited!!
The card above is my entry :) I am in LOVE with the new flower soft products! If you have not tried it you should! Its so fun!!! So, I cut my tree and then decided its fall I didnt just want green leaves so I used flower soft :) I mixed a couple of colors to come up with this fall color and I think it worked for me :)

The stamp I used is from a set that I won on a blog hop. The stamp is from Scrappy Moms :) Take the time to check out some of her stamps she has some really awesome collections!

I dont think I have mentioned that I am going to a cricut swarm next week in Houston! I am super duper excited about that! It is 50 cricut circle members and a guest for each member! I understand that someone from Provo Craft is going to come!! WOOHOOOO! I will take pictures and post them when we get back :)

I also am not sure if I have shared the volunteer work that I do in some local prisons. I am doing two projects right now and that is why I have not had as much scrapbook time as I would like to have :) However, I would not give up these programs. I work with an awesome group of vounteers. Each week we work with about 80 offenders. We start our night by having a panelist speak (I also am a panelist). We talk about our lives and share our "stories" with these men and women. First, I only told my brothers story. He was murdered working security in a gas station. Almost 10 years later I went to meet this man and from that I was able to find God and also forgivness for this man and for myself :) What a freeing experience that was!!! So after the panelist speaks we break up in smaller groups. Uusually 9-10 inmates and 1-3 vounteers. In the small groups we talk about our lessons and then the panelist. After that over the course of 14 weeks the inmates have a chance to tell their own "story". We see some of the hardest toughest men and women break down and finally lower the walls and hopefully offer them HOPE once they leave. The end is bittersweet. I am always so proud of the men and women but saying goodbye to them is hard after sharing such intimate parts of our lives. You talk about amazing transformations!!!! I am so blessed to see this happen. Just shows me what an awesome God we have!! So, back to why I am telling you about this. This program keeps me pretty busy between the driving and homework I just have been busy. So forgive me for being slow with things. I am really going to do better next week!!

Hugs to you all!!

Now Check out all the wonderful cards from this week!!! Just click on the names to go see in detail about their projects!






Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi My friends! I hope you are all doing wonderful :) I love this time a year!! I soooooooo love the cold weather. Its actually still a little warm but we are headed in the right direction :)

Spent a few days with my darling daughter last week and it was nice!! I am so glad she has finally passed that hate mom stage. I didnt think one of us would make it haha! Anyway, I did a card swap over at Flower Discos place! Agnes coordinated the whole thing and did such an AWESOME job of keeping up with all of us!! I cant even keep up with myself!! Anyway, I got my cards and I wanted to share with you! They are all so awesome!!!!!!! I am such an ameture!! I pormise friends I am learning and wont stop until I do!!

So my other big news was I bought this bow of Stamping up Stamps from a new friend I met on ebay!! I got 27 SETS of stamping up stamps for under 100 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

Last order of the day is you guys get ready for this weeks Serenade with Flower Disco and friends!!!!!!!!!! I have checked out some of the stuff done and WOW! YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!!!!! And please please please share me with others. I am soooooooo close to 50 people!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO Now if you could see me actually dance you would fall over laughing :)

Hugs to you all!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 4- playing with Serenade with FlowerDisco and Friends!

Week 4 already?? It's just going by so fast! I remember when I was a child and it seemed so long before Christmas or my birthday would arrive and now it just flies by! I want life to slow down again I dont want to get in older I dont want to do all that Christmas shopping! Anyone else have this problem??

Well for week 4 I had some great ideas but things have been so busy around here when I sat down to do the card nothing went right until finally I just gave up from exhaustion soo... I appologize now :(

This week I had image number 27- a tree branch

My Hoot N Hollar cartridge arrived just in time!

I used the third owl for both little owls cut at 2
the sentiment on the inside is cut at 3 and it is also found on the Hoot N Hollar cartridge " Owl be there for you"

The sentiment on the front " If the branch your standing on breaks" I used the cricut marker and then added stickles
The leaves on the branch were so fun.. gave me another excuse to play with flower soft!
If you guys have not checked that stuff out you should. Its a little thicker than flocking so it gives cuts an even more textured look. I got my first couple of jars from my local Archivers but found some on ebay in kits with insturctions and even some fun examples that I couldnt wait to try!




Monday, October 4, 2010


I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far and I know I am excited again its almost that time for Serenade with Flowerdiso and Friends!! We are on week 4 it is flying by! I love being tested on using a certain image. It is really helping me try new things.

I have been really busy this week with doctor appointments and Vet appointments with my Bosco who is doing great! I even got him a Halloween costume.. I have never done that before but I just couldnt help myself! Last year we sat outside with him and handed out candy and the kids just loved him so when I saw this little outfit I just had to get it!

I have a friend that found out a few weeks ago that she has breast cancer. So I have been working on a project for her. Please let me know what you guys think??!! I know she is having good days and bad ones and I cant even begin to imagine what it would feel like. A few weeks ago some friends had her a hat and scarf party and I know they had a blast. I did not get to go because she lives pretty far and the drive would just do me in. So I am sending a package to her at the end of the week with some things I have picked up for her. I just want her to know how much she is loved and that I and many others are here for her no matter what.

So here is my project... I found this stamp on Ebay and just had to have it! I used flower soft (Love this stuff) to make the bouquets of flowers and then cut the butterfly from the Sentamentals Cartridge.

This project was just in time to enter over at My Sheri Crafts! Its breast cancer awarness month and I just had my first mamogram. Umm those HURT! Im such a baby LOL. I did that on Friday but have not heard anything yet so I am going with it must be ok since I have not heard from them :)
Go check out her challange My Sheri Crafts. Just click on the link!