Sunday, January 16, 2011

McGill Punches!

I hope you are all doing well :) The weather here has been cold and rainy which I used to love but now it just makes me sore. However, it is a nice day to stay home and try to get some card making done!

I was asked by a friend how to make some flowers I have been making. I learned how to do these from a class I took at my local Archiver's! I just LOVE that store!
In class we used these punches made by McGill. The punches are from the Paper Blossom line and are so very pretty and easy to use!

The first thing to do when making the lilly(my favorite) is punch out 6 using the star lilly punch. I have used all kinds of paper but card stock I think is the best.

I use the same punch to cut the 3 more sets for the leaves from (since they were out of the one that they used). It works just great and it saves money.

Then you decorate each petal to add detail. I also outline each petal with a copic marker for extra detail. I LOVE copic makers this is my first time using them!

Each tool kit comes with 3 handy styluses. Each one has two sizes so depending on the size of flower you wish to make you have plenty of options. You lay each petal on the foam mat and then start working the stylus around each petal until it is curled up. Dont worry about it being too much because it will lay down once you spray it with glimmer mist.
Once you have all the petals ready it is time to start putting it all together. I start by glueing the leaves together to form a base for the petals. Once I have them together I just apply glue to the center and start placing each petal into position.

Once you have all the petals in place allow to dry and then you can spray glimmer mist to add a finishing touch!

I hope I didnt confuse anyone! :) They really are very easy and loads of fun to make. They are perfect for cards, pages and gift boxes and tags!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Making Flowers

Tonight I didnt make any cards I just practiced making flowers :) I learned how to do these at my local Archivers and I love the way they look. They will work on so many things! Cards, SB pages, tags, gift boxes and a million other ways!

So here are a couple of the flowers I made tonight...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Easter :)

I finally got a set or actually both sets of the Spica Atyou markers. I love them :) They are so pretty to color with. They have a hint of glitter to anything you can color! I made this card. Im not crazy about it for some reason. First time I ever tried a digital maker. I hade no idea how to do it so I just printed it out and colored :) Without further rambling!

and now I say goodnight.. I didnt sleep last night so I need a nap! Let m

e know what ya think of this one? Any advice using the markers!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am just posting crazy today

Im waiting on my husband to come pick me up for our date night and I was just wondering if any of you guys have copic markers and if so which ones do you like? I would like some (I think) I love the way the blended colors look :) So any advice? And place to get them cheap? I found the 36 piece chaio sets for 115 at that seems to be the cheapest so far.

On another note I swear I need spell check :) I get to typing so fast and I post and when I go back and see what I have typed (usually the next day) Im like OMG DID I REALLY type that ?!?!? I honestly need to get more sleep at night instead of wandering the house :)

I look forward to hearing all your thoughts and ideas on the Copic markers!

Date Night!

Tonight my wonderful husband is going to pick me up so we can go on a dinner date together! I love when we do date nights :) Its just a time for us to focus on our relationship and just be together without the everyday ho-hum getting in the way! Might have to skip making a card tonight.. hehe..

Anyone else enjoy date nights with their signicant others?

Hugs everyone!

hehehe..Here we go :)

Just click on the box above and it will take you to the challange! Have fun :)

Its Challange me Monday over at Fantabulous Cricut! I love the challanges they have so come on everyone lets see what ya got! I think I come up with some of the craziest stuff. My head starts spinning and get outta the way!!!!! Paper is flying and glue and glitter going all over! Tonight it was glimmer mist that I ended up not even using on the card!! Well at least the glimmer mist I am wearing matches my night gown LOL!

So here it is...

My husband and I are the complete opposite of each other so we make the perfect pair...

I found these mittens on the new Jolly Hollidays Card :) I cut them at 3 inches and then drew the faces and then made the little hats and trimmed the mittens and hats with flowersoft. It gives projects such a nice added pop! The card itself is pretty simple :) I am going to give it to my honey since he was away last night and so tired tonight. I miss him when he travels :(

Hugs to you all!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets get this party started!!!

Hahahaha!! And you guys thought I was crazy before... HOLD ON TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am to try some of the most brightest/sometimes tasteless designs out there! My new year plan!You will either love it or hate it but you will KNOW IT!!! THat is the important part! SO if you see me entering your contest get ready for me to create somethimg that will make your cricuts shake with the mear mention of my name :) AHAHAHAHA!!! I am back and EVIL!!!!!!!! Ready to get this party started!!!! Soooooooooo IF anyone thinks they can outshine me TO come up with the bigest tackiest most colorful creation For this valintines season! Anyone up for such a challange??? Or is everyone soooooooo weak they are all home crying in the thought that I will win!!!

OH OH MAMA SHEESHHHH I almost couldnt get to the darn thing away from that monsterous traitor!!! All those interested to try send me you name and email addresss.! We can take that whicked witch!!! ;SAhe is not the best WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!! Lets show her!!!

Hey everyone its Melissa as you can see my dirty little scrapin minyons have taken o ver my page.

I want every to know that the person that comes up with the best dress and invites and party favors to use will win a prize from me. Each day I will post something about the prize and whom ever finds the prize or clue that day then they win that day! hehehehe Could be just a rock hmm that would be a good gift right??? Also, the last winner pics the next prize...
Ready Set GO