Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hi my wonderful friends!!

I have been so bad and not blogging but I have been sick and running all over. Im busy with my daughter who has decided to move home :) YEAH!!!!!! She is also going to try to get into school so we have been running all over the place! I am exhausted!!!!!!!!

Love you all bunches!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Sheri Crafts

Bears bears and more bears :) For those of you that dont know me well I think I should explain how much I LOVE bears :) Especially of the TY Variety lol. I am sooo addicted! I think I have about 200 or so! I just love them all .

So back to the point. Sheri is having a contest this week to make something using a teddy bear! WOOHOOO! Yeah I just went right to work. Im not sleeping well since I have some kind of cold :( I just refuse to miss class! My prision program is going alone nicely! I am going to be the keynote speaker for the big conference in Houston. ME!:!:!: Speaking t to 400 people??? WhOA! I gotta stop it.

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OK so here is my take on the challange Just click here and go see the other wonderful projects!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful Hubby!

YEAH!!! Today is our one year anniversary! I feel so very blessed to be married to my own Prince Charming!! No kidding ladies this man is so wonderful to me!!! I am so spoiled :) He is so loving and caring and just WONDERFUL! So, with that said I made this card for him but I am only showing the outside since the inside is sappy love note LOL!!

I used Ornamental Iron to make the swirly parts in the corner. Also here are pictures of my roses!
We decided (sounds silly) we needed new phones so that is what we got each other. hehe..

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Candy Giveway!

Oh who can resist blog candy???! My friend Lisa is giving away a ton of blog candy once she hits 100 followers! WOOHOOO! HOW FUN!!!!!!! I might have to do that myself since I am at almost 50 now :) YEEHAAWW! hehe.. couldnt resist!

Lisa's Crapin Shack
Just click on the link and go visit!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fantabulous Cricut!

So FINALLY tonight I had time to sit down and just have some fun and do a project for a challange. I checked around and decided that I really love the stuff over at Fantabulous Cricut site. Its so much fun and I just love all the ideas that they have! So check them out everyone!

Here is my entry..

I cut the card to be 5 x 7. Then the frame on the card was cut at 4x5 . The birds were from Straight From the Nest.

Straight From The Nest pages 28 and 29

Trees from pages 38 cut at 4

I added some bling just because I couldnt help myself!!

The phrase of the front is " a little birdy told me." This came from Robyn over at My Pink Stamper. I LOVE this set. Its the tweety hoo set! AWESOME! Check it out!

The phrase inside was from a stamp I had already!

Hope you all are doing great and ready for all the fun that Christmas brings!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

For my father-in-law

My husbands dad is very sick :( He has had a minor heart attack and some fluid on his lungs. He has been in the IC for a few days and they are moving him tomorrow to hospice care :( They said they cant do much else for him since they are afraid to have him undergo another surgery. We are driving down tomorrow to go see him and I wanted to make a card that would cheer him up ! SO here it is :) I used the Nifty Fifties for this card. I LOVED this car image! I used the Cruisin from the same page.Page 46 and the other words I used the gypsy font and welded them together using the gypsy. I made them very large because he has a hard time seeing so I wanted to make this big enough he could read it! I hope you all like it. I decided this car needed a road so I kinda made that up as I went LOL!!

This week will be my first wedding anniversary!!! OMG! Its gone by soooo fast! Today was our 9 years that we met :) How sweet is that!! I really have my prince charming. I dont know what I would do without him. He is the perfect balance for my insaneness :) hehe poor guy!