Saturday, July 31, 2010

All-Sorts Challange #63

Ok So the challange at All Sorts is Dressup!


"This week it's me Fleur to pick & I'd like to see Dressing up!
It could be fancy dress, a dress for a special event or even a classy pair of shoes - It's entirely up to you, as long as we can see a dressing up theme we'll be happy!"

So I decided I just couldnt WAIT to use my new Happy Hauntings Cartridge. So I found these adorable little mice all dressed up to trick or treat :)

The card is cut at 5 X 7 I just fell in love with that paper. I found it at Archivers tonight and just HAD to use it.. haha!

THe mice are cut at 3 and are on page 55 and 57.

I LOVE my trips to Archivers because I learn something new everytime. HOWEVER, everytime I learn something more I end up spending money to do whatever it is I just learned ha-ha! So tonight I learned about Smooch! Its much like Stickles except its not glittery just shiny. It his this very fine applicator so that makes it super to use on small cuts to give it bling :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fantabulous Cricut Animal Challange

I LOVE this challange so I decided to enter another card I just made :) I am just loving all the new butterfly cuts that have been on the new cartridges :) They are so adorable.

Ok so for this card I used DCWV linen closet. The card is cut at 5x7. Ribbon from my stash :) Inked all the edges. The butterflies are on the Sentimentals cartridge they are so soft and sweet I think. I have always had trouble doing a sympathy card so I decided this one would be for that :)

I hope you all enjoy!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fantabulous Cricut Animal Challange!

So today in the mail I was so excited to find that the Rock Princess Cartridge I ordered was here already!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!! So many cute ideas from this cartridge! So I decided to make the butterfly on page 67.

The card was cut at 5 X7 my new favorite size for cards :)

The cardstock I used was from DCWV The Black Currant Stack. I love it! It has so many beautiful pages I imagine I will be using it often. I did leave the sentiment part blank I have not decided what to use this card for. I think it will be a birthday card for my daughter :) Shhh dont tell her!

The butterfly is cut at 3 1/2 and the border was black cardstock cut at 4x6

All the edges are inked and I did add a little stickles to the butterfly for that extra pop!
Here is the link to the challange if you wish to play along :) This is one of my favorite places to play!
Thank you

So here it is...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fibromyalgia Stinks!

I hate days and weeks like this. I hurt all over and I cant move without a pain someplace. I am so thankful to have a wonderful group of family and friends and a husband who is so understanding when I feel like this. I sometimes get depressed because I have all these projects I want to work on but I just cant seem to get going. Anyone else have any suggestions for me?
I take pain meds but even those dont seem to work much :( I think tonight I am going to make something. ANYTHING!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blog Candy

Check this out! OMG!! What a great bunch of Blog Candy!
Go check it out and sign up everyone!!

Just a card :)

I used the Frence Manor Cartridge :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the peacock cut. Anyway! I cut the card at 5x7 The layer is from a small pack called Mariposa. So MANY beautiful paper for cards!!!

The peacock is cut at 4 inches the paper I used was Bazill paper. I also used stickles for the feathers :) The ribbon is from my stash and the little blue flower in the center was just a last minute add on.

The sentiment on the card is a stamp from Hobby Lobby. It was the saying we used at our wedding in November :) Yes still newly weds :)

Ok so here it is I hope you all like it and hope you all play along!

Strawberry Dreams :)

Hi Everyone!

Tonight I wanted to do a challange at Fantabulous Cricut :) The challange was to make something sweet.

Challenge Me Monday #18
We have the sweetest, coolest and the most delicious treats for you this week at Fantabulous Cricut!
Challenge #18
Cool Yummy Treat w/ Optional Shape Card
Create a yummy treat shape card (optional) or project, I can't wait to see your delicious creations.... mmmmmmm.
*As always, there does need to be a Cricut cut somewhere on your project, it does not have to be the item listed in the theme, though the theme does need to be incorperated as well.

Sooooo I recently got the preserves cartridge. It has the cutest little strawberry! So I decided to do a strawberry card. I used the cut on page 53 I used my gypsy to weld both base pieces together at 5 .25. After that I used the red glitter paper to go on the front so its a bright shiny strawberry! I used green glitter paper and also silver glitter paper for all the pieces. :)

I hope you enjoy this fun card!

OH No!!

I have missed card making these last few days. I have been sick and just running around doing things that needed to get done. Well errr ok I spent some time shopping for some new paper to play with. I just might need it for something :) I am starting to feel better and will be posting some stuff soon. I just wanted you all to know I was thinking about each and every one of you and wishing you lots of happiness.

I love you all my scraping friends!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I dont know about you guys but getting in a nice warm bath full of bubbles is just IT! I just melt and can just stay in their for hours :) Its actually my favorite place to read.

Ok so before I yammer on too much here is my take on bubbles :)

This was an easy card but I just love the bubbles! They are made with glitter on them :)

Monday, July 12, 2010


I love OWH! If anyone has not followed this blog you should. It is such a wonderful organization! They make cards and send them to our troops overseas so they can send the cards home. WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA!!!
I have a son who is in the army and also a brother. My son just finished a tour in Iraq and my brother just started a tour in Afghanastan. Talk about not sleeping! Its hard not to worry about them both. My brother has an 8 year old daughter who I spoil like crazy! I know this is so hard on her but she is also very proud of her daddy! When she comes to stay we usually make cards to send to her daddy. I know he loves to get them even if they are florescent pink with hearts all over! haha!

Thank you ladies for all of your hard work at OWH! Thank you for the wonderful prize!!
I will post pictures when it arrives! WOOHOOOOO!

Love you all!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Christmas in July!

Well I was watching a video over at Cardz Tv and it inspired me to do something for Christmas :)

I loved the paper I used which came from Micheals in a small deck with vintage pages. Its actually very nice and I can see myself using it all the time :)

The snowman came fromChristmas Cheer Cut at 4.25

The card was cut at 5.25

The first layer was cut at 4.25

The last layer was cut at 3.25

For the eyes Two eyes made out of cole :) I used black sticles for the eyes

For the rosy cheeks I used a little pink chalk

His nose made out of buttons -- I used some brads shaped like buttons for his nose.

His scarf is some red ribbon so pretty!

His arms were made using brown stickler. I LOVE STICKLES :)

Hoep you like my card!
Here is the link for CardzTV Challange! Have fun everyone :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Anyone else having issues with updating the gypsy? I keep getting some kind of error message saying I am not online but umm I am? :) I even tried to reinstall the softwear and I still get the same thing when I try to sync.


So I read the message board and it seems like everyone is getting that same message whcih means maybe I am not just a dingbat and that something really is wrong :) for a minute I was worried I had lost my mind!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Cricut Circle Welcome Kit Arrived!

My welcome kit arrived today and I just LOVE IT! The box is of course covered in the green cricut icon :) I am member 1028!! I love the new cartridge and as soon as the holiday weekend is over I will have a chance to use it. Since I had been using our formal dining room as my scrap room I have had to put things back in my spare room and its not big enough to have all my things out. As soon as company is gone tomorrow I will take over the dining room again :) Poor hubby walked by today and said "We do still have a table". Poor guy he just doesnt get it!

I think maybe I will try to make things fit in the spare room somehow so I can use my new cartridge tonight!! I just cant wait to make some of the cuts.

I am proudly wearing my cricut bracelet! My lilttle scrapper (niece who is 8) was here today when my kit arrived and was asking me if she could have mine. I had to break her heart and tell her that was something I couldnt part with. :( I am such a mean Aunt. Its ok after a few minutes she was onto something else.

She did open my new cartridge and cut a card for herself before I had moved everything back so I will post it on here to share with everyone! I created a little monster with her. Her last card she made here I told her a little fib. She is having a rough time right now because my brother is in Afghanastan and she is not that close with her mom. She spends more time with my mother (her grandmother) than she does with her mom. Well I told her that her last card was a blog winner and well it was a winner in my eyes. So I packed up a little box full of scrapbook stuff for her and told her that her card won. I should have just let it go but she wanted to win so bad! She was so excited with her box of stickers and glitter! Now she made a new card and is sure this one is better than the last and it will be a winner also. So, I am going to make another trip to the craft store and do it again! It just makes her so happy.

Well here is a picture of her card and of her holding her card. She actually did this one while I was cleaning up for the birthday celebration we had here for myself and my brother. I hope you all enjoy it. She is very creative and just loves playing with the cricut.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Pink Stamper

Today on My Pink Stamper they had a color challange and I must say it was very fun! You had to use pink, brown, orange and green! What fun colors!!

Ok so I cut my card with green cardstock. I love using the Sentimental cartridge for cards. It has so many options to make any cards. I have learned to cut two at a time and am saving the other cut in a box for later use. When I first started I was cutting a new 12x12 paper for every card I made. How much paper I had wasted! Anyway, I used the base card cut from Sentiments at 5 1/2 and then each layer( pink and Brown) is an inch smaller that the last. I found this pretty ribbon at Hobby Lobby and have wanted to use it and this was the perfect time. I cut the owls and the sentiment from the new Lite Hoot N Hollar cartridge found at Walmart :)

Thank you for all those that view my blog. I thank you for looking and also for being patient as I learn to do new things with my cards!

Much Love to you and yours!