Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scrappy Moms Stamps..

WOohoooOO I forgot to mention I won a set of these stamps over at cute cute cards by jamie while checking out a blog crawl! So much fun and the stamps are from ScrappyMomsStamps (click on name to check them out). Thank you Jamie!! I cant wait to get them and when I do I will post something I make using them! WOOHOOO! Thank you Thank you!

Thank you to all my new friends! Thank you for following me. I get excited everytime someone else does! Hot Dog!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 3- Playing with Serenade with Flowerdisco and Friends!

Week 3 already!! This is going so fast! !!

For week 3 I had image 20. First off I want to say that sometimes its difficult to have an image to work with. Some of these images are not ones I would pick when doing my own stuff so this has really pushed me to use my creative juices!

Image 20 is I think a flower of some kind? haha Well it looks like some kind of flower to me :) I wasnt sure how much I would like this cut until I actually started cutting and adding the layers and colors to it. I must say I will use this image again!!

So here is my take on our journey this week...

The card is cut at 5 X 7 and the flower is cut at 3. The paper is from DCWV linen stack :) I love the colors in this card stuck. All light blues and blue greens.

I just got a couple of the martha stewart punch around the page punches. I LOVE them. This one is sooooooo cute! I have been using it on everything I can find to punch and then some. I think maybe my husbands legal briefs might need to be punched around the edge? What do you guys think??!! I think a judge would LOVE to get a brief that was punched and decorated. hmmm on second thought I better not.. I just got married and I dont want to get divorced already :)

Ok so on with the tour...... We are all so awesome!!! Check out all my new friends and the beautiful creations they have made!!! Please leave us comments its so nice to know that you like or dont like something we do.. Ok please like it LOL!

If you want please follow... I am so excited to have 46 followers!! OMG!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO! PARTYYYY......... I love you all :) Can we make it 50 this week???!! Please share me!!! LOL Do I sound desperate?? LOL

Ok now on to something a little more EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!The ladies of Serenade are blowing me away again!!!! Here are some very talented ladies that want to share their ideas also!

If you click on the names you can follow a link to each posts for the directions and places to leave comments! :) Comments are appreciated by me and I know the others also.. See something you like.. let me know.. see something I could change to make it better.. umm well grrr (just kidding) please let me know :) I am always open for suggestions to better my craft!


As usual she has created something so awesome!!! Hard to be in this group.. Everyone is soooooo good!!!!!!!




Ohh Snap


Sunday, September 26, 2010

For my hubby...

My hubby had to take a trip to NY last week for work. I dont know the details but he had to go argue a case.. He was only gone one night but I missed him so much! Ok yes we are still so happy in love.. We were married in Nov. so not even a year ago so we are still on the honeymoon :) We have been together 8 years and they have been the happiest 8 years of my life!! He treats me like a princess and spoils me rotten. He is supportive and loving no matter what it is I am doing from doing volunteer work in prison ( or crafting with my cricut.

So... the other night I knew he would be leaving early in the AM and I am such a night owl I knew I could stay up until he was up at 4 am (honestly thats about my bedtime lol). He is so not a morning person so I thought it would be nice to make him some muffins for his trip. So I baked him some muffins and then I decided to make him a card to go with the muffins and I came back to work and came up with this cute litte card..

I used my new peachy keen stamps! I love the little faces! You can do all sorts of things with them! If you have not already checked them out you should!

The little chocolate chips I made using hotfix gems. I do not have any copic markers and I do want some but for now I used some water color pencils I picked up the other day to start trying to learn to add my own coloring to my projects! The Sentiment and inside font I welded together using the gypsy font ( my favorite font).

This card goes well with the challange over at My Sheri Crafts Challange # 24.. This week it is to do a "masculine" project. hehe.. Check it out everyone :) Its hard to make cards for the guys.. I know this one took me a bit to come up with :)

Just wanted to share a few of our wedding pics.. My husband is so very handsome (shh dont tell him he might get a big head) lol!

I love this picture my niece was my flower girl and she is such a mess LOL! She posed every chance they gave her! Ham I tell ya!

Have a great day everyone!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playing with Serenade by Flowerdisco and Friends!

Hi Everyone :) Its that time again!!! Time to share all the amazing work that these ladies have done with the cuts from this cart. Talk about thinking outside the box!!! I am so glad to be part of this awesome group!!

I am a little slow posting so thank you all for your patients :) Between the flood, the hurt dog and both my volunteer programs started I have been running all week and find a groove to get it all done :)

Well once again I am going to share mine... I will not claim to be the maker of these I dont know who it is... I am in a card swap group and someone made this card to share and I just knew I would want to give it a try! Perfect timing I had the flower pot to work with.

Instructions: I cut two 5 in flower pots. I would have used the gypsy to weld and I suppose you can but this worked the best for what I was going for. Ok so cut two flower pots 5 inches

Then Glue around all the endges EXCEPT the top :) Then Cut a stip of paper 4x3 This is the card on the inside of this card.

Then I took plenty of prima flowers for added touch...

This card is super easy I think :) A Big Thank you to whomever came up with this idea its super cute!!



Ohh Snap

Friday, September 17, 2010

My poor Puppy and a card I made for a card swap

My baby (cocker spaniel) has had some back problems. About two years ago he ended up having back surgery he had two bulging disks :( Well he has been ok actually doing really well until the first part of this week. I noticed he was falling gown more than normal ( he usually falls he has aleays been very clumsy. Took him to the vet Yesterday and they took him into surgery last night. Luckily he did very well and hopefully can come home to me tomorrow. I spent a few hours with him I just sat in the floor and held him. :)

On another note I wanted to post a picture of a card that I made for my card swap.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Playing with Serende by Flowerdisco and Friends!

Welcome to our new series

(copied from Flowerdisco's page)"Playing with Serenade by flowerdisco and friends"

Today it is our first Showcase of the series.
Serenade Creative features are:
Layer and Shadow
You can use it them as follows or any combination you wish:
Base non-shift, Base shift, layer and shadow.

I am so excited about being part of such a talented group of women! WOOOHOOO here we go :)

Please feel free to comment or become a friend! I love making new friends...

When we picked this series we also split up the pages we were to use.

My first Image to use is the rain cloud number 7 in the list. I always look for the rainbow that is often found following a dark cloud!!! So that is what inspired me to do this card...

The card is cut at 5 :) I used the latte pack from DCWV I just love all the dark colors Well its rainy colors!

I wanted to use a new (ok well new to me) idea. I had several packages the cricut markers! They are so simple! Just take out the housing and place the tiny marker inside and thats IT! :) EASY!!!!

Ok so here are the wonderful designs from all the ladies :) ENJOY


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

its the final countdownnnn HAHA!

I have had that song stuck in my head all day long! Everytime I thought about tomorrow being the begining of the Serende Serious with some very talented Ladies. I hope you all keep an eye out and give us tips on anything that might work better :) Also, I have not asked Agnes but I think it would be great if you want to play along! Email one of the ladies on the list and we can get things started.


Counting Down to Serenade!

I am so excited I can hardly wait!!!!!!! I know all the ladies are just as excited as I am about our adventures in Serenade! This is such a fun idea and it helps with ideas of ways to use ALL of the images from a certain cartridge. If some of you are like me, I have bought cartridges for one or two cuts that I can see myself using right away and I mostly do that but then I quickly move on to the next new thing! So this gives me a chance to not only make things from cuts I would have never thought to use but to also share those ideas with my friends and also to see all the creations of this wonderful group of talented ladies! YEAH!!!!!! So stay tuned it wont be long now!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Playing with Serenade With Flowerdisco and Friends!

Yeah WOOHOOO I am ready to start!!! I have had the pleasure of joining a wonderful group of women to do this with :) I feel so blessed by it all. I hope I just dont let anyone down... So here is the post from Flower Disco if you wish to watch along and provide any input about our cards!! Of course we hope you love them as much as we love making them

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I have been planning to have another Cricut Series as you might now. Finally, it is here.
I have a group of 7 friends who agreed to play with Serenade with me and each one was assigned an image to work with.
We will be starting this Wednesday, September 15 and expect our posts every Wednesday.
I am anticipating this series will last approximately until the end of October.
Below are the participants and their blog links.

Please click below if you wish We hope to light that spark for some of you to try some old ideas and even come up with new ideas!

Happy Scrapping


Agnes- (me)



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