Thursday, November 4, 2010

For my father-in-law

My husbands dad is very sick :( He has had a minor heart attack and some fluid on his lungs. He has been in the IC for a few days and they are moving him tomorrow to hospice care :( They said they cant do much else for him since they are afraid to have him undergo another surgery. We are driving down tomorrow to go see him and I wanted to make a card that would cheer him up ! SO here it is :) I used the Nifty Fifties for this card. I LOVED this car image! I used the Cruisin from the same page.Page 46 and the other words I used the gypsy font and welded them together using the gypsy. I made them very large because he has a hard time seeing so I wanted to make this big enough he could read it! I hope you all like it. I decided this car needed a road so I kinda made that up as I went LOL!!

This week will be my first wedding anniversary!!! OMG! Its gone by soooo fast! Today was our 9 years that we met :) How sweet is that!! I really have my prince charming. I dont know what I would do without him. He is the perfect balance for my insaneness :) hehe poor guy!

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