Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rotten Day- airline got crazy with an overwieght woman!

Today has been so rotten! Im back to just vent today because I just need to do it. I have an issue with anger. Not that I get too angry its the oppoisite. I get upset and cry because I am angry. I dont think this is a good way to handle it but it is what it is. ABout a year ago I was at a baby shower for a relative. Her grandmother (not related to me) who had not seen me in years and years and speaks very broken english the minute she saw me started (very loudly) to discuss my weight issue with everyone. I was so humiliated!! Even as I sit and talk about this it makes me cry :( So the reason this is so fresh in my mind again is because the same family member is having a birthday party for her sweet baby and I have decided not to go. I hate that I feel that way but I just cant do it.

When you are fluffy the last think you want someone to day is remind you of how fat you are. Since when did being fluffy make you "bad"? Ok this is short maybe I will be back leter our tomorrow LOL!! Much Love!!

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