Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Cricut Circle Welcome Kit Arrived!

My welcome kit arrived today and I just LOVE IT! The box is of course covered in the green cricut icon :) I am member 1028!! I love the new cartridge and as soon as the holiday weekend is over I will have a chance to use it. Since I had been using our formal dining room as my scrap room I have had to put things back in my spare room and its not big enough to have all my things out. As soon as company is gone tomorrow I will take over the dining room again :) Poor hubby walked by today and said "We do still have a table". Poor guy he just doesnt get it!

I think maybe I will try to make things fit in the spare room somehow so I can use my new cartridge tonight!! I just cant wait to make some of the cuts.

I am proudly wearing my cricut bracelet! My lilttle scrapper (niece who is 8) was here today when my kit arrived and was asking me if she could have mine. I had to break her heart and tell her that was something I couldnt part with. :( I am such a mean Aunt. Its ok after a few minutes she was onto something else.

She did open my new cartridge and cut a card for herself before I had moved everything back so I will post it on here to share with everyone! I created a little monster with her. Her last card she made here I told her a little fib. She is having a rough time right now because my brother is in Afghanastan and she is not that close with her mom. She spends more time with my mother (her grandmother) than she does with her mom. Well I told her that her last card was a blog winner and well it was a winner in my eyes. So I packed up a little box full of scrapbook stuff for her and told her that her card won. I should have just let it go but she wanted to win so bad! She was so excited with her box of stickers and glitter! Now she made a new card and is sure this one is better than the last and it will be a winner also. So, I am going to make another trip to the craft store and do it again! It just makes her so happy.

Well here is a picture of her card and of her holding her card. She actually did this one while I was cleaning up for the birthday celebration we had here for myself and my brother. I hope you all enjoy it. She is very creative and just loves playing with the cricut.

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  1. Oh Melissa, I'm so excited to hear about your kit. I hope to get mine soon. Living in Italy means I get everything so late. I can't wait to see my bracelet. I hope you are having a great week! Your niece is adorable!