Friday, July 9, 2010

Christmas in July!

Well I was watching a video over at Cardz Tv and it inspired me to do something for Christmas :)

I loved the paper I used which came from Micheals in a small deck with vintage pages. Its actually very nice and I can see myself using it all the time :)

The snowman came fromChristmas Cheer Cut at 4.25

The card was cut at 5.25

The first layer was cut at 4.25

The last layer was cut at 3.25

For the eyes Two eyes made out of cole :) I used black sticles for the eyes

For the rosy cheeks I used a little pink chalk

His nose made out of buttons -- I used some brads shaped like buttons for his nose.

His scarf is some red ribbon so pretty!

His arms were made using brown stickler. I LOVE STICKLES :)

Hoep you like my card!
Here is the link for CardzTV Challange! Have fun everyone :)


  1. So cute, I love the way you used brown stickles for his arms, very imaginative!

  2. Woww... I love what you used on this card!From the flower and leaves to the colors you chose for it.Great Work!!!
    Here is a link to my blog for you to glance at:
    Sweet Creations!!!

  3. hi your Christmas in July very pretty.

    i read your comment and you will have to re-read this post. :D We are going with option #3.

    I will try explain it here:

    You will make 16 cards... one card for January with a January theme maybe New years Day.

    (I posted a website with holidays for each month...some are traditionals and other are not if you want to look).

    Then one for Feb, maybe Valentine's day and so for March that can be for St Patrick's day or whatever else until you get to December.

    we still have to make 4 more cards for 4 different occasions.

    The later occasions are posted on this post i just edited it:

    If you still have questions because I am not the greatest explaining :) please do not hesitate to ask. It is no bother!


  4. Great card! Love the colors and that paper! I saw that packet. I might just have to go and pick it up now! TFS!
    ~ DOrcas

  5. So cute! Thanks for entering!