Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets get this party started!!!

Hahahaha!! And you guys thought I was crazy before... HOLD ON TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am to try some of the most brightest/sometimes tasteless designs out there! My new year plan!You will either love it or hate it but you will KNOW IT!!! THat is the important part! SO if you see me entering your contest get ready for me to create somethimg that will make your cricuts shake with the mear mention of my name :) AHAHAHAHA!!! I am back and EVIL!!!!!!!! Ready to get this party started!!!! Soooooooooo IF anyone thinks they can outshine me TO come up with the bigest tackiest most colorful creation For this valintines season! Anyone up for such a challange??? Or is everyone soooooooo weak they are all home crying in the thought that I will win!!!

OH OH MAMA SHEESHHHH I almost couldnt get to the darn thing away from that monsterous traitor!!! All those interested to try send me you name and email addresss.! We can take that whicked witch!!! ;SAhe is not the best WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!! Lets show her!!!

Hey everyone its Melissa as you can see my dirty little scrapin minyons have taken o ver my page.

I want every to know that the person that comes up with the best dress and invites and party favors to use will win a prize from me. Each day I will post something about the prize and whom ever finds the prize or clue that day then they win that day! hehehehe Could be just a rock hmm that would be a good gift right??? Also, the last winner pics the next prize...
Ready Set GO

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  1. Melissa, where have you been?? I was wondering about, glad to see you back!!!!