Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 3- Playing with Serenade with Flowerdisco and Friends!

Week 3 already!! This is going so fast! !!

For week 3 I had image 20. First off I want to say that sometimes its difficult to have an image to work with. Some of these images are not ones I would pick when doing my own stuff so this has really pushed me to use my creative juices!

Image 20 is I think a flower of some kind? haha Well it looks like some kind of flower to me :) I wasnt sure how much I would like this cut until I actually started cutting and adding the layers and colors to it. I must say I will use this image again!!

So here is my take on our journey this week...

The card is cut at 5 X 7 and the flower is cut at 3. The paper is from DCWV linen stack :) I love the colors in this card stuck. All light blues and blue greens.

I just got a couple of the martha stewart punch around the page punches. I LOVE them. This one is sooooooo cute! I have been using it on everything I can find to punch and then some. I think maybe my husbands legal briefs might need to be punched around the edge? What do you guys think??!! I think a judge would LOVE to get a brief that was punched and decorated. hmmm on second thought I better not.. I just got married and I dont want to get divorced already :)

Ok so on with the tour...... We are all so awesome!!! Check out all my new friends and the beautiful creations they have made!!! Please leave us comments its so nice to know that you like or dont like something we do.. Ok please like it LOL!

If you want please follow... I am so excited to have 46 followers!! OMG!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO! PARTYYYY......... I love you all :) Can we make it 50 this week???!! Please share me!!! LOL Do I sound desperate?? LOL

Ok now on to something a little more EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!The ladies of Serenade are blowing me away again!!!! Here are some very talented ladies that want to share their ideas also!

If you click on the names you can follow a link to each posts for the directions and places to leave comments! :) Comments are appreciated by me and I know the others also.. See something you like.. let me know.. see something I could change to make it better.. umm well grrr (just kidding) please let me know :) I am always open for suggestions to better my craft!


As usual she has created something so awesome!!! Hard to be in this group.. Everyone is soooooo good!!!!!!!




Ohh Snap



  1. I love this card! You did a great job with this image and now I'm going to have to use this too, maybe with the vase I had last week lol. TFS!

  2. Melissa... you always make me laugh with your comments. I'd love to have you around :)

    I think I know tha name of that flower but I can't remember right now and too lazy and early to go and check it out in my laundry room where I have the seed envelopes when I first tried it :) wow that was a long sentence :) as soon as I do I will let you know.
    The flower is beautifula nd I dotoo love those MS around the page punches but can't get them to work very good for me yet. I need more practice. I
    I can imagine your husband's and judge faces when they the the legal briefs punched out and stickled. lmbo! it's hilarious!

  3. This is so pretty! I have to agree, that I probably would not use some of the images I've had either, but that's what makes this fun!

  4. Looks great, Melissa! I loved your muffin card too! So cute!

  5. I like the pastel colors you chose and how you combined them. I also like how you incorporated the "around the page punch" and created a lacy background. I really like DCWV paper and have made many LOs for my niece, they are her wedding colors!
    Your creative juices did great!!!!!!