Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The AMAZING Flowerdisco and her Fabulous Awesome Outrageous Beautiful Totally Crazy Friends!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone! What a wonderful time to be alive :) I feel so rushed crazy running around like a chicken with his head cut off but I feel ALIVE! Isnt that the important part?

Tonight I told my story for about 80-85 men and about 20 volunteers. I was as ready as I would ever be! I am I stood tall (err ok not very tall Im only 5ft LOL but I tried to appear taller) and I just started talking. Before I knew it was over! ! You would think that the more I tell my story the easier it would get but no such luck yet. I do pray that my story will change just one life just one! It would be so totally worth it!

Ok so this is going to be one super crazy busy week for me. First this and then tomorrow I have a banquet for Bridges to Life. End of year fundrasing type thing. After that I have some goodies to drop off with all my friends who work for Lone Star Overnight. They work HARD and its CS week so I am taking them some goodies every day this week! Tomorrow is cookies and other stuff!

Ok now on to the reason for this season...

The ladies did a fab job on these cards this week. Thank you !!!!!


  1. FLY! Love the sentiment and I guess this expresses how you feel right now.

    The Serenade cage came out awesome and I love the papers you used. The birds flying away to be free...PRICELESS!
    just like our spirits right now.

    big hug!

  2. I too love your bird cage!!! but I really, really like your introduction of us!!! lol
    Great design!

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