Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi My friends! I hope you are all doing wonderful :) I love this time a year!! I soooooooo love the cold weather. Its actually still a little warm but we are headed in the right direction :)

Spent a few days with my darling daughter last week and it was nice!! I am so glad she has finally passed that hate mom stage. I didnt think one of us would make it haha! Anyway, I did a card swap over at Flower Discos place! Agnes coordinated the whole thing and did such an AWESOME job of keeping up with all of us!! I cant even keep up with myself!! Anyway, I got my cards and I wanted to share with you! They are all so awesome!!!!!!! I am such an ameture!! I pormise friends I am learning and wont stop until I do!!

So my other big news was I bought this bow of Stamping up Stamps from a new friend I met on ebay!! I got 27 SETS of stamping up stamps for under 100 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

Last order of the day is you guys get ready for this weeks Serenade with Flower Disco and friends!!!!!!!!!! I have checked out some of the stuff done and WOW! YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!!!!! And please please please share me with others. I am soooooooo close to 50 people!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO Now if you could see me actually dance you would fall over laughing :)

Hugs to you all!!


  1. melissa...i was just wondering about you. i was going to email you friend.

    I am glad about your daughter too. and that was a nice haul you got. enjoy!

    so happy you loved your cards. I was very happy to having you participating. your cards were very nice too. we had all kind of styles and expertise. we always learned something new. I did too.

  2. Thank you Thank you! You did such a wonderful job keeping it all together. Im such a flake I cant even keep myself together for long LOL!!