Monday, October 25, 2010

Its that time again! Just wait for Wednesday! We are going to Rock your Socks off!

Hi everyone.. Boy have I much to share :) This has been such a crazy busy week!! First, I want to say that this is the last week for the playing with Serenade Group :( That makes me sad! I have had so much fun with it. Not sure what I will do next but I can say that I have learned so much from these talented ladies :) It has been my pleasure to call them friends! Thank you ladies !

Some of you might know that I stopped working in Feb. because my quality of life was not very good. I was working and that was all I had the energy for. I was not able to do all the things I love to do when I worked. I in no means am letting the things that are wrong with me stop me from doing everything I want. I now have the energy to do it since work is not an issue. This last week was Customer Service week. I was the supervisor of a call center and I LOVED CS week!!! So this week everyday I have baked goodies and made cards and such for the guys and gals that I love like family. One of the ladies asked me what I was doing and said I didnt have to do that since I didnt work for them anymore. My reply was just because I stopped working didnt mean I stop loving them all! haha I make a terrible boss. I have no boundaries LOL! Anyway, so I baked cupcakes, cookies, candy :) So that kept me pretty busy.

My daughter was also here for a few days and it was so nice to spend time with her. She makes me tried but its so worth it!!
I also had a banquet for Bridge to Life to attend. They do this once a year so we can get money for the books and such for the men and women in prison. It is nice to spend time with other volunteers and also meet people in our community that are interested in the program. We need the help. I sat at a table with such a wonderful group :) I told my story at the table and I really hope that I moved them! I know that some of them looked pretty shocked when I told them about going to meet the man that murdered my brother and being able to forgive him. WHOAA!

THEN, haha if that did not keep me busy enough I went to Houston on Saturday for a cricut swarm. We met with Michael (cant remeber his last name) the president of the cricut circle :) No I cant tell you what all we talked about but he was wonderful with us! He was so kind and helpful answering all the questions he could :) They also gave away an imagine!!!!!!!!!!! I want one sooooooooo bad!!!!!! I did win a cricut brown and pink apron! I love it :) We have fun meeting everyone! I will post pictures of the calling cards I collected from that day and post them ASAP.

So now its time for me to try to get caught up around the house and get rested for this week!

Hugs to you all!

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