Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week 5 Playing with Serenade with Flowerdisco and Friends!

Once again its that time! The ladies did a GREAT job with this weeks selections! I am so jealous :) In a good way! Being part of this group is VERY special. I am learning so many new things and getting new ideas! I am soooooooooo excited!!
The card above is my entry :) I am in LOVE with the new flower soft products! If you have not tried it you should! Its so fun!!! So, I cut my tree and then decided its fall I didnt just want green leaves so I used flower soft :) I mixed a couple of colors to come up with this fall color and I think it worked for me :)

The stamp I used is from a set that I won on a blog hop. The stamp is from Scrappy Moms :) Take the time to check out some of her stamps she has some really awesome collections!

I dont think I have mentioned that I am going to a cricut swarm next week in Houston! I am super duper excited about that! It is 50 cricut circle members and a guest for each member! I understand that someone from Provo Craft is going to come!! WOOHOOOO! I will take pictures and post them when we get back :)

I also am not sure if I have shared the volunteer work that I do in some local prisons. I am doing two projects right now and that is why I have not had as much scrapbook time as I would like to have :) However, I would not give up these programs. I work with an awesome group of vounteers. Each week we work with about 80 offenders. We start our night by having a panelist speak (I also am a panelist). We talk about our lives and share our "stories" with these men and women. First, I only told my brothers story. He was murdered working security in a gas station. Almost 10 years later I went to meet this man and from that I was able to find God and also forgivness for this man and for myself :) What a freeing experience that was!!! So after the panelist speaks we break up in smaller groups. Uusually 9-10 inmates and 1-3 vounteers. In the small groups we talk about our lessons and then the panelist. After that over the course of 14 weeks the inmates have a chance to tell their own "story". We see some of the hardest toughest men and women break down and finally lower the walls and hopefully offer them HOPE once they leave. The end is bittersweet. I am always so proud of the men and women but saying goodbye to them is hard after sharing such intimate parts of our lives. You talk about amazing transformations!!!! I am so blessed to see this happen. Just shows me what an awesome God we have!! So, back to why I am telling you about this. This program keeps me pretty busy between the driving and homework I just have been busy. So forgive me for being slow with things. I am really going to do better next week!!

Hugs to you all!!

Now Check out all the wonderful cards from this week!!! Just click on the names to go see in detail about their projects!







  1. Oh my Melissa, you are an awesome person! What a story! I am so happy for you finally finding peace!.......
    You did an awesome job w your card and are enabling me to buy more stuff w ghat great job of yours w flower soft!!!
    Love Gaby

  2. Very nice! I have never tried Flower soft but it looks fun :)

  3. Hey, Melissa! Beautiful card! You did an awsome job of mixing the flower soft to come up with the perfect fall mix! Very sweet story! I think it's wonderful that you are giving your time that way!

  4. first your tree and the flower soft took my breath away and not because allergies, lol, but because how beautiful of a project you made with your assigned image. i am glad you find this opportunity to express yourself and learn a few trick here and there.
    second..i am so very proud of having a friend who does this kind of volunteer work. it shows to me the kind of human being you are very special.
    My husband works with inmates too and tries his darn best to help them out and talks to them and teaches them things that the streets did not.
    Big Hug to you and do not worry about not posting, what you are doing is very important to others and we can wait.

  5. Oh my.... I am so happy that God has put people like you on this earth to do this kind of work... Your card is so cool!! I have never seen that material before!!!

  6. Thank you all so very much :) You just made my day! I love what I do and wouldnt trade it for the world as crazy as that sounds. We cant just keep sending them to jail and expect them to be better. When we do that we are just making better criminals. Programs are the way to teach these men and women and to give them HOPE that they can do better. A friend that I met through this program does a poem called the forgotten ones. I am going to do a little digging to find the words to post. Its AMAZING!!!!!!!

    Love you all :) You guys are the absolute BEST!

  7. What a lovely card! And I am just so impressed by your work at the prison. It's an amazing gift you have. Giving someone not only a skill but a chance to learn to reflect. TFS : ).

  8. Thank you guys! You are all the best!!!!!! :) I appreciate the love you have shown me both for my crafts and for my volunteer work! I feel truly blessed to have friends like you!