Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Does cricut = divorce LOL

Ok Ladies I am wondering if you guys are getting in as much trouble as I feel like I am! Another trip to walmart and ended up with not 1 but 4 more NEW cartridges :) Not to mention that Hubby said it was ok for me to join the cricut circle :) Is anyone else going to do that? It sounds pretty awesome. You get 4 carts a year included in your membership and a sneak peak at carts before they come out. Plus you get news letters and some other stuff. Oh yeah 800 points to add to your rewards points. I think you can get many different carts with 800 points so almost like getting 5 carts a year like that. Anyway, If anyone lives near Austin Texas and are looking for the new walmart carts the walmart in Buda has them all :) Ohhhhh it was hard not to buy them all :)

I will post some new stuff I do with them soon I have had a terrible kidney infection but I am starting to feel better :) so back to my cricut I go!!


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  1. I am debating on the circle yet but I know I will do it before the end of the month, lol. Just like with the Gypsy, and I have no regrets with the later.

    My WM has none of the new carts...:(
    Thanks for stopping by and u r welcome to comeback anytime.